Why I Use Laravel to Build Websites

Website's are commodities. Where a website comes from isn't really important. The website could be from Wix, Shopify, a boutique design agency... anywhere.

As the developer of a website, I use the technologies that allow me to produce good quality sites in the shortest amount of time. I reuse as many components as possible. I use CSS frameworks like Tailwind CSS and rely on pre-made templates. Creating a website is taking all these various peices and assembling them in the best way possible. The Laravel framework and it's ecosystem allows me to do that. There are alternatives like Ruby on Rails and Express, but I use Laravel.

I use Laravel, because it is what I'm proficient in. It is a tool that works well for me and one that I am very comfortable with. As a web developer, the most important tha is the most important factor. Other factors invovled include tooling, which include being able to have different environments setup with it and programming editors that understand PHP and the Laravel framework. At the end of the day I will produce a site that loads fast, is easy to use and secure.

As a website owner you need a website that does fulfills your needs without needing a major investment. A website or web app should not be a major cost center.

Does it bring in leads? Does it make my brand look good? Does it sell my products or services? Those are the questions that the owner of a site should be asking.

The visitor of the site might ask if the site is easy to use? Or is the site load quickly? Does it let me do what I need to do without annoying me?

There are a lot of other developers who know Laravel. It's like owning a Honda. It should be easy to get it serviced and not cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

Typical Costs

Static Brochure Site - $50

E-Commerce Site - $300

About Pablo Puyat

Pablo Puyat is a web developer based in Oshawa, ON, Canada