Data transformation

Let me handle the monotonous, the miscellaneous

Excel sheets full of data?
CSV files need transformation?
Products need importing? Let me handle those tasks for you.

Comma separated (CSV) files are used to transfer data. For example: importing products into an e-commerce site. The data in a CSV file sometimes needs to be transformed. Tasks I often need to combine columns or vice versa. For example, given a single column with first and last names, I extract the names into two separate columns. In addition, cleanup is often needed. Fixing capitalization, removing salutations and titles, etc...

I can take your data and perform a variety of tasks: formatting fields, exporting the contents, transform the data, and running queries.

Typical Costs

Clean up and prepare a comma separated (CSV) file for import - $50

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About Pablo Puyat

Pablo Puyat is a web developer based in the Durham region of Ontario.